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VoIP Phone System: Cloud-Based Advanced Communication System

The term communication stands for exchanging information through writing, speaking, symbols, or any other medium. This process can establish an understanding between two individuals or a mass group. Effective communication can allow people to reach a suitable conclusion without any dispute, whereas ineffective communication leads to a misunderstanding that may cause violent and aggressive confrontations. With the development of modern technology, the approaches to achieving an effective and efficient communication system are also increasing. Advanced communication devices such as VoIP phone systems make communication more effective and convenient. 

History Of Communication
Communication in the form known today was not always the same throughout history. In ancient times there was no communication concept due to the lack of any such language or means of communication. Humans used to live in the caves as hunter-gatherers. Their lifestyle majorly consisted of hunting for survival. Living in small groups often led to the inability in surviving dangerous animal attacks. The need for security and survival led to the evolution of humanity and the adaptation of the agricultural lifestyle living in large groups as a civilization. From this point onwards, humans began interacting to communicate their thoughts in different ways. This marks the beginning of the concept of communication. A brief timeline of the evolution of the communication system is discussed below:

Approximately around thirty thousand years ago, humans developed the first and most basic form of communication through written symbols. Though this was an imperfect and primitive stage of written communication, it helped quickly and conveniently disseminate thoughts and opinions. This allowed humans to improve the system and effectively develop new communication methods.
The previous developments led to the successful mastery of cave paintings and rock arts as communication or conveying one's story to another. But these paintings were still not any closer to systematically giving the complete intended information. This led to the development of a pictogram writing style around 9000 B.C. It systematically used specific pictures and symbols. 
This led to the evolution of communication methods, early writing scripts, and eventually modern scripts and alphabets. This is because of the need felt by the early humans to communicate that humanity possesses today the tools for effective communication. After the successful establishment of different languages, communication became familiar all over the globe. Communication technology led to further revolutions in the field.

Communication Technology
The ability to communicate with anyone located anywhere in the world is possible due to the advanced communication technologies that humans possess today. Communication technology enables people to establish effective communication even over vast distances. It allows people to interact, conduct business, maintain the office, entertain mass groups, and do other purposes. Due to the advanced communication devices available today, such as VoIP phones, humans are advancing more than ever in every field and sector. The evolution of communication technology is discussed below:

The primitive form of communication technology was pre-electric because electricity had not been discovered around that time. The earliest communication technology was metal mirrors that reflected the sun's light to convey a signal. Other forms included the firing of canons to signal one another. 
One of the first electrical devices categorized as the first effective communication device was the telegraph invented by Samuel Morse. This machine involves transmitting and receiving electrical signals to convey and interpret messages in the form of morse code. 
The discovery of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell revolutionized communication technology by enabling users to exchange information through speaking. This involved transmitting and receiving human voices in electrical impulses via telephone cables.
The communication technology up until this point was limited by the number of people it could communicate with at a single time. This changed with the invention of the radio in 1904. It was one of the first technology equipped to speak to a mass audience instantaneously. The creation of television followed this in 1927, another mass communication device.
A more advanced and revolutionary communication device was invented in the early 70s. Cellular phones were not restricted in movement by wires and used radio frequency to enable efficient human communication without stopping. Cell phones have been revolutionizing the world ever since and are available nowadays in a more advanced form.
The latest and one of the most advanced pieces of communication technology is the Voice over I.P. technology. It enables a user to use all the phone features over the internet. This makes this device relatively cost-effective in comparison with telephonic communication. Several advanced features make this device the most efficient machine to date.

Voice Over IP
This communication system uses internet services to place calls and access other features. This service is provided by a cloud service provider that allows users efficient, affordable, and stable communication. Several features provided by this advanced communication option allows user to enhance their experience. Some of the exciting features are discussed below:
VoIP Calling- This service enables users to avail high-quality and stable calling. The coverage of this service is worldwide with a multi-line technology that means multiple international calls at once are possible without the worry of excessive charges.
Messaging- The messaging service the advanced VoIP service providers provide surpass the standard messaging in every aspect. Messages sent over this service reach almost instantly and efficiently. Being compressed, it does not consume much storage and is equipped with feedback mechanisms. 
Extension- This service can be extended to other intelligent devices present at the premises. This feature is significantly helpful for businesses because this enables establishing a time-effective communication system in critical scenarios.
MMS provides cheap, fast, and secure multimedia messaging technology. Standard operators often charge costly technology, but VoIP offers the lowest possible prices. This is because VoIP-based multimedia messaging proves to be cost-effective.
Coverage- This service ensures complete coverage throughout the globe. International communication feels like local calling through the use of this service. This ensures that the business does not get slow in processing international services.
Porting- There is no need to change the previous number if a person wants to avail of this service. Easy and convenient porting services are available to ensure the user a hassle-free experience.